Shin Somatics® Certification Workshop in Tennessee

June 14-18, 2017

Taught by Kelly Ferris Lester with Alaina Deaver
Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN (near Nashville)

Affordable housing available and limited home stay options
Tuition $886— early bird special: register by April 1 to receive $50 discount
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Drop-in rate for a morning or afternoon session $40
Contact Kelly Ferris Lester with any questions

Kelly engages students in the somatic subtlety of dance and yoga, and presents the art of touch with clarity and grace. She taught with me recently in New Zealand.
--Sondra Fraleigh

Workshops are for Personal and Professional Growth
Non-certification students inquire about participating at the reduced cost.

Kelly Ferris seen above introduced Shin Somatics® unique bridge between dance, somatics studies, and integrated bodywork in Memphis, May 31-June 4, 2010. Kelly Ferris MFA, RSMT is a graduate of Eastwest Somatics Institute and certified as a registered somatic movement therapist through ISMETA, International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association. Kelly contributes a chapter on Self-Learning in Somatics to the upcoming book: Moving Consciously, which will be published late in 2014.

IN HER WORKSHOPS: Enhance your skills as a therapist, performer, or teacher. Release self-defeating habits of movement and mind. Discover joyful healing dances in tune with nature. Discover the healing power of mindful movement. Learn how to relieve pain and improve performance. Translate your talent and creativity into hands-on therapeutic bodywork. Earn credits toward becoming a registered Shin Somatics® hands-on therapist or teacher through ISMETA.

Kelly includes Seven Core Lessons in Somatic Kinesiology.

Somatic kinesiology utilizes the techniques taught at Eastwest Somatics, especially as they apply to developmental movement; breathing from the core; ease in lying, sitting, and standing, and spiraling through the spine; pelvic integration; postural sway and intrinsic dance. Experiential anatomy will focus on the muscles of respiration, the primary breathing diaphragm, and four other responsive breath centers of the body. The course will also use Responsive Dance processes to access the breath in exploratory ways. Reference text will be Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain.

Kelly Ferris, a long-time student of Sondra Fraleigh, taught Eastwest's unique somatic processes and integrated bodywork at Otago University in 2012. She is certified as a somatic movement educator RSME through Eastwest Somatics Institute and ISMETA. A dancer and university professor of dance with many years' experience facilitating learning and change through somatic modes, Kelly guides students in moving consciously. In her transformative classes, students open to new possibilities for creativity and joy and earn credits to become somatic movement therapists.

Kelly has also studied extensively with Bill Evans, who is a pioneer in somatic applications to dance technique and performance. Sondra Fraleigh and Bill Evans have been good friends and colleagues for over fifty years, ever since their student days at the University of Utah.

Kelly Ferris dances in the photograph above 

In Kelly's workshops:

  • Learn rolling motions of infant life.
  • Learn how to breathe with core support of the diaphragm through voice and touch.
  • Learn how to orient your motions for ease in lying, sitting, and standing.
  • Learn how to balance a moving spiral through the spine, and how to adapt this to hands-on work.
  • Learn how the pelvis functions in walking and in integrated motions relative to the iliopsoas.
  • Learn how to stand in relation to gravity.
  • Experience the above in Intuitive Responsive Dance Explorations.
  • Learn Land to Water Yoga and how to facillitate it in Somatic Bodywork
  • Learn how to apply yoga as therapy.
  • Experience the perspecitve of self-learning in somatics.

Kelly uses the models of dance technique, improvisation, and choreography throughout her work. Kelly is pictured above with Jaclyn Moynahan of Eastwest. Jaclyn is helping Kelly sense balance through her dancer feet. Below we see Kelly rolling to the left in the yoga "little boat," a root phase of Chakra Unwinding in Shin Somatics® Moving Way, Land to Water Yoga. This somatic form of yoga is pioneered by Sondra Fraleigh and her students at Eastwest. Fraleigh's book, Land to Water Yoga was published in 2009. See the home page for how to purchase. Students in the Memphis workshop will have this book as a resource in their study of somatic practices of embodiment.

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