Shin Somatics® in New York City

Keep Tuned for future Workshops or Tutorials in NYC, none offered at this time.

Metaphysics in Motion: Intrinsic Dance & Bodywork
featuring Land to Water Yoga

See Workshop Page for Upstate New York for 2011 and 2012

Shin Somatics®, an approach to somatic movement education and thearpy founded by Sondra Fraleigh in 1991, recognizes the healing power of intention. Read more about soma and intention in Sondra's book, Dancing Identity: Metaphysics in Motion (2004).

Shin Somatics tutorials cultivate intention through basic movement patterns, somatic yoga, non-interfering touch, music, and intrinsic dance. Butoh, the postmodern dance of Japan included in our work, re-members body as spirit, respecting beauty in awkwardness, pain, and humor. Core lessons in somatic kinesiology and integrative bodywork excavate body memories and possible-selves. Our work is objective, also recognizing the existence of interdependent energy fields of great potential and light. Compassionate connections are waiting to happen, alive in each moment of awareness, each person's complex, mindful movement, and handsome body.

When a student in the Eastwest Japan Program (2004) asked Sondra to define the guiding principle of her work, she replied: "To encourage the natural being of each person to shine."

Inquire about dates for small group tutorials. Earn a full level toward certification in two weekend tutorials. Earn 1/2 level of certification for 2 days of study. Home study and network study with peers is also required.

In the photograph, Jaclyn Moynahan of New York City teaches Shin Somatics® hands-on floor work. Jaclyn, a graduate of Eastwest Somatics Institute and certified teacher, leads the NYC tutorials. Sondra Fraleigh leads the St. George Utah tutorials and joins those in NYC periodically.

Registration will become available when Workshop is scheduled

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