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$886NZD per module, Soul Centre, Titirangi, Auckland

Explore the SHIN SOMATICS practices of intrinsic dance, land to water yoga, contact unwinding, and bodywork learn healing movement practices and experience the unlimited potential for transformation through gentle hands-on bodywork, yoga and movement therapeutics. deepen your felt sense and connection to your bodymind wisdom. practice sacred vision and deep listening.

Modules (or Levels) can be taken for credit towards accreditation as a registered movement therapist and/or yoga teacher with Eastwest Somatics Institute and ISMETA.

To register, or to chat about possibilities contact Wilhemeena Monroe on 027.6616618 or email

Study with Shin Somatics Registered Teacher Wilhemeena Monroe in Auckland.

Featuring the SHIN SOMATICSĀ® practices of intrinsic dance, Land to Water yoga, contact unwinding, and bodywork

Course content: . Body Archaeology . Meditation in Motion . Guided Movement practice . Core Movement Patterning . Intuitive and responsive dance . Somatic Yoga . Hands-on Movement Therapy

Connect to others and the wider field of nature through embodied presence and active imagination.

Learn healing movement practices and experience your intrinsic potential for transformation through gentle hands-on bodywork. Deepen your felt sense and connection to your bodymind wisdom.


Wilhemeena has been my student for several years through my teaching of Shin Somatics at her SOUL Centre. Willa also attended the recent Eastwest Shin Somatics conference and workshop at Otago University on the South Island of New Zealand. She was recognized as a mentor of our work at that gathering, adding her considerable somatic perspectives and experience. I especially enjoyed her electric dance performance conjuring an enigmatic presence, not to be tamed, in the concert we presented at Otago. She has studied Japanese Butoh with some of the original teachers. --Sondra Fraleigh

Already completed in New Zealand

2013 Shin Somatics Workshops and Symposium Conference in New Zealand
on the South Island, at Otago University, Dunedin. Supported by University of Otago Summer School & Continuing Education.


Two 5-day Workshops were led by Sondra Fraleigh and Kelly Ferris
Plus a 2-day Symposium Conference led by Sondra Fraleigh and Ali East

Conference: Shin Somatics Symposium was open to all presenters. Call for Proposals is on the ESN Conference Page of this website: conferences.php Email

New Zealand students practice Contact Unwinding in the photographs above, hands on work with partners, emphasizing support and guidance. Photographs taken by Sondra Fraleigh at Wilheemena Monroe's SOUL CENTRE.

In New Zealand Workshops Experience
Balance of the body's energy system
Land to Water Yoga
Depth-Movement Dance Therapy
Shin Somatics Therapy
Flow Repatterning with groups and individuals,
Contact Unwinding in partners' bodywork
Interpersonal communication triads
Depth-Movement Dance Therapy
Excavation of body memories
Shin Somatics® Bodywork

In Shin Somatics workshops, experience the work of Sondra Fraleigh, one of the worlds leading somatic educators. EASTWEST SOMATICS is an International somatics training association. Earn levels of credit towards becoming a REGISTERED SOMATIC MOVEMENT THERAPIST through EASTWEST and ISMETA - Seven modules (levels) required. See Certification page for full information.

Sondra Fraleigh introduced Shin Somatics in New Zealand in 2009

Kelly Ferris taught in New Zealand in 2012

Karen Smith taught in New Zealand in 2010 & 2011

Sondra taught with Kelly in 2013 at Otago University

Wilheemena Monroe teaches at SOUL CENTRE in Auckland in 2014-Continuing

In all Eastwest Workshops

Students learn Flow Repattering based on 5 stages of human movement development, and translate patterns to hands on restorative work in partners. The workshops also feature Fraleigh's Depth-Movement Dance Therapy.

All Eastwest Workshops include Fraleigh's unique Land to Water Yoga & Chakra Unwinding. Become acquainted with the seven energy vortexes of human life and infant development in processes that have grown over a period of twenty years at Eastwest. In Eastwest workshops, Sondra Fraleigh, Karen Smith, Kelly Ferris, Catherine Schaeffer, Jeanne Schul, Kay Nelson, Angela Graff, Willa Monroe, Brooke Weatherwell and other associates teach the characteristics of the chakras through somatic processes. Learn how to open to the energetic qualities of each chakra in your own body and personal journey.

At Eastwest, we use the models of dance technique, improvisation, and choreography throughout our work. Our approach is basic, so no previous dance study is required. Everyone begins from where they are, and we learn together from there. We bring attention to what is already whole, bodymind unity, and the oneness of all life.

For more information, contact:

SOUL CENTRE and immediate environment

How to Register for Workshops:

New students send a brief, one paragraph vita and one paragraph statement of your personal goals for the program of study to Inquire at SOUL CENTRE about partial scholarships for those who are already full-time students in university programs or other schools. Register for workshops directly with Willa Monroe.

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