Workshop and Conference in Geneva NY at Hobart William and Smith Colleges is in the planning for 2019. Stay tuned for more, or email:

Shin Somatics Yoga Teacher Trainings offered in Pennsylvania by Catherine Schaeffer. Email for information:


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Eastwest Somatics Workshop & Conference in Geneva NY

Dancing Your Path 2018

 Workshop May 17-21, Conference May 19 

Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva NY

Explore the Spiral through Land to Water Yoga, Intuitive Dance, and Shin Somatics Bodywork
Eastwest Certification Workshop led by Amy Bush and Michelle Ikle

Conference open to all, led by Eastwest Associates           

Earn one level toward Eastwest Shin Somatics certification.

$90 for the Dancing your Path Conference on Saturday, May 19 with presentations by Eastwest Associates

$886 full tuition for Certification Students

Day rates and non-certification rates contact: (Michelle Ikle).

Earlybird discount of $50 by April 17

$25 a day reduced rate for graduates, Conference day $90


Early bird discount of $50.

Day students welcome: Inquire about lower cost for day student tuition.
Inquire about non-certification prices as workshop participation for personal growth.

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Please make note of payment amount before you continue.

Autumn Tree Butoh - Sondra Fraleigh

Do you think we just stand here
Years and years passing,
The ping of winter's walk over us,
That we don't dance our way to the sun?

Japanese Waterfall Maple in Brockport NY, cultivated by Sondra Fraleigh in the manner of bonsai.

FORM TO FLOW: Hannah dances in the UK. Photograph by Chris Lewis-Smith

Some History of Workshops and Conferences follows below:

INVENTION-IN Dance, Somatics, and Movement Analysis International Conference Concert & Classes Sponsored by: Bill Evans & Sondra Fraleigh With ESN, Eastwest Somatics Network SUNY Brockport June 20, 21, 22, 2008

Eastwest Students and others at the ESN Conference 2006

Shin Somatics® Dancing Down the Bones
SUNY Brockport Workshop: June 23-27

Six Lessons in Somatic Kinesiology
SUNY B rockport Tutorial: June 28-29

Land to Water Yoga
SUNY Brockport Tutorial: June 30-July 1

Little Boat in two versions, Land to Water Yoga

Eastwest Somatics cultivates consciousness through basic movement patterns, somatic yoga, non-interfering touch, and intrinsic dance. Butoh, the postmodern dance of Japan included in our work, re-members body as spirit, respecting beauty in nature, in awkwardness, pain, and humor. Shin Somatics core lessons in somatic kinesiology and integrative bodywork prepare students in the art of touch. Depth Movement Dance/Art therapy excavates body memories and possible-selves. Our work is objective, also recognizing the existence of interdependent energy fields of great potential and light. Compassionate connections are waiting to happen, alive in each moment of awareness, each person's mindful movement.

When a student in the Eastwest Japan Program asked Sondra to define the guiding principle of her work, she replied: "To encourage the natural being of each person to shine."


  • Learn healing movement patterns that encourage awareness through the senses
  • Experience intrinsic pleasure in movement
  • Connect to others and the natural world through embodied presence and active imagination
  • Learn Shin Somatics® Integrative Bodywork


Shin Somatics® (shin means: center/heart/core/spirit/tree trunk)

  • Body Archaeology
  • Meditation in Motion
  • Guided Movement Practice
  • Flow Repatterning
  • Experiential Anatomy
  • Dynamic Yoga
  • Shin Somatics Hands-on Therapy
  • Depth Movement Dance Therapy

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