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Music Video Water Dance in Mexico

Dancer Ashley Meeder who teaches the Mexico Workshops.

In Mexico: Levels available in 2017

(Levels are taught in spanish but we can easily accommodate a bi-lingual course for people coming from the US or internationally who would like to learn and join us here in Mexico for a level. Please contact Ashley Meeder for more information:

25 - 29 of January : The Art of Walking: intensive in experiential anatomy of the foot, ankle, knee, hip and posas through somatic movement / El Arte de Caminar (curso intensivo de anatomía experiencial y movimiento somático)
Location:- Mexico City

22 - 26 March 2017: The Root and the Wind: History and innovation in somatic education and the role of the natural world as therapeutic process. The level will include dance processes and Land to Water Yoga in Nature. / La Raíz y el Viento: Historia e innovación adentro de la Educación Somática y procesos de danza en la naturaleza.
Location: Tequisquiapan, Queretaro - México

24 - 28 May 2017: The Wings and The Heart in Movement: bodywork, dance processes, touch techniques and experiential anatomy of the hand, wrist, arm, scapula and heart. / Alas y el Corazón en Movimiento
Location:- Mexico City

26 - 30 July 2017: Dancing Down the Bones: Experiential anatomy, bodywork, dance/movement processes, and somatic yoga for educators and movement therapists focusing on the spine, rib cage and breath. / Bailando con los Huesos: La Columna Vertebral y la Respiración.
Location:- Mexico City

Research Conference in Mexico City: 1st and 2nd of August * TENTATIVE DATES * (Presentation of case studies for graduates, research in the field, creative aplication of somatic ideas, teaching yoga somatically etc.) / CONFERENCIA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: 1 y 2 de agosto TENTATIVA (Presentación de estudios de caso, investigación en el campo, aplicación del trabajo en diferentes áreas, yoga somático etc.)
Location:- Mexico City

25 a 29 de Octubre 2017: Teaching Through Touch: liberating the neck and floating the head, Shin Somatics Bodywork, Somatic Yoga, Contact Unwinding, Communication and Touch in the Classroom. "To touch is to give life." / Enseñando a través del tacto - Liberando el cuello, Flotando la Cabeza
"Tocar es Dar Vida." - Miguel Ángel
Location: TBD

(Hawaii not offered at this time)

Photo: Students work in Kalani's Blue Moon Room & Kim Sifter rests in embryo, a phase of Land to Water Yoga between navel rooting (in front lying) and floating on the back.

Keep posted for future opportunitees.
Last Somatics Certification Retreat, January 5-11, 2008

  • Land to Water Yoga
  • Health/Healing
  • Intrinsic Dance
  • Movement Patterning
  • Integrative Bodywork
  • 1 Level Credit Toward Somatics Certification

Discover the healing power of yoga and intrinsic dance in the rejuvenating tranquility of paradise. Experience a deeper connection to nature and others through movement, breath, and meditation. Sondra Fraleigh's somatic vision of yoga creates an atmosphere of discovery, allowing us to let go of ordinary judgments and expectations. When we move in tune with our intuitions, our movement can surprise us with its beauty and awkwardness-- and we can celebrate ourselves without censure. We can say "yes" to the deep wisdom of our body.

An essential step of our somatic yoga is the awakening of energy centers (chakras) through guided movement practice, simple yoga poses, silent and laughing mediations. Land to Water Yoga explores those ineffable places of the dreambody that words cannot reach. Here we rediscover inner spaces long forgotten, and probe the somatic origins of emotion. Yoga and dance are metaphysics in motion where we encounter the core of our being and our connections to others. Pleasure in movement -- the inner dance -- arises from this place. We can transform our daily lives and self-understanding through somatic yoga, intuitive dance, and integrative bodywork.

To be effective, explorations need to be simple and at the same time present a gentle challenge. For those who want to explore yoga in dance forms, yoga postures and animal energies can be shaped into short choreographies, and performed through the support of group work. At the Kalani retreat 2008, Kim Sifter will teach Fraleigh's unique bodywork protocols, Clearing, Covering, and Being Seen. She will integrate somatic yoga & intrinsic dance with Shin Somatics bodywork. This retreat is for anyone who wants to claim the mover in themselves. We begin with our beginner's body and untangle the bones of somatic studies from there. People move at their own pace.

Kim Sifter assists a student in turning from front lying, connecting the head with the torso and legs in The Sea Lion, a Land to Water Yoga developmental process.

This course may be used for one level toward certification as registered movement Therapist.

Non-certification students attend the morning program. Experience Land to Water Yoga at Any Age for increased energy and flexibility with particular attention to relief of pain and effective use of self. Learn unique yoga postures and flowing movements that anyone can do. In her belief that nothing valuable can be forced, Sondra Fraleigh has created an approach to yoga that utilizes somatic bodywork modalities, the Feldenkrais Method, psychological clearing, breathwork, dance meditations, and Watsu Water Therapy. Certification students assist and gain extra hours of practice.

Location: The workshop will be held at beautiful Kalani Oceanside Retreat on the big island of Hawaii.

Accommodations: Lodging is at Kalani Hale Lodges, double occupancy with a private bath.

To Register: Fill out a Registration Form Send a brief, one page vita and one paragraph statement of your personal goals for the program to

Arrange airfare early to save. Register by October 14 and save $50. Fees may increase by $50 after November 1.

Retreat Tuition:
$1395 for students in the Certification Program
$1195 for Non-certification students in the morning program

Not Offered At This Time

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