EastWest Associates and Shin Somatics Trainers

Eastwest Director, Sondra Fraleigh, Feldenkrais®
Professor of Dance and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist

Sondra Fraleigh is an international leader in dance, yoga, and healing arts. She Is a Registered Feldenkrais® teacher, and certifies Registered Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists through ISMETA, International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association. She has been a professor of dance and somatics for over forty years in the Department of Dance at the State University of New York at Brockport and is a valued mentor to dancers and somatic practitioners in the USA, Europe, Japan and India.

Eastwest Faculty & Shin Somatics Trainers

Kay Nelson, Utah (RSMT, LMT) International leader in Somatic Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga and dance for personal growth.

Catherine Schaeffer, Georgia (RSMT, MFA) Award winning choreographer and university teacher of dance and somatics.
Published author.

Kelly Ferris, Mississippi and Memphis (RSMT, MFA)
University teacher of dance and somatic subjects. Award winning choreographer. Published author.

Sri Van der Kroef, California (RSMT, BFA) Dance for personal growth, Taoist Light Qi Gong, Neuroplasticity Somatic Bodywork. Seniors and rehabilitation specialist.

Karen Smith, UK (RSMT, MA)
International teacher of Shin Somatics Methods and Narratives. Leadership Coach.

Karin Rugman, UK (RSMT) University teacher of dance and somatic studies. Shin Somatics Trainer. Published author.

Angela Graff, Utah (RSMT) Licensed Social Worker & Mental Health Therapist. Shin Somatics in treatment of trauma.

Robert Bingham, Philadelphia (MFA, PHD Candidate, Fulbright Scholar) Teacher of Shin Somatic Methods and Narratives. Performer/Choreographer/Author.

Ruth Way, UK, (Associate Professor Theater & Performance) Teacher of Shin Somatics Methods and Narratives. Noted scholar & author.

Amy Bush, New York (RSMT, BFA) Somatic dance for all ages. Yoga and Shin Somatics. Performance in community.

Wilhemeena Monroe, New Zealand (RSMT, LMT) Diverse somatics background. Butoh. Somatics for healing and in performance.

Akiko Kishida, Tokyo Japan (RSMT, MA) Somatics in dance conditioning, trainer of Shin Somatics in Japan.

Jeanne Schul, Georgia (RSMT, MA, PHD) Jungian Psychologist. Shin Somatics specialist in dance, yoga, and bodywork.

Michelle Ikle, New York (MFA) Professor of Dance, Performer/Choreographer, Movement Science & Shin Somatics Assistant Trainer.


Jeanine Housley, Liscensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Somaatic Specialist, lives in St. George, Utah.

Karin Rugman, Dance and Somatics Specialist at Bath Spa University in the UK. Contributing author for our upcoming book with the University of Illinois Press, "Moving Consciously." ISMETA Registered.

Michelle Storey, ISMETA Registered Somatic Teacher and specialist in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. Lives in Mexico.

Norianna Diesel Potts, Yoga Teacher and Somatic Specialist, lives in Salt Lake City. ISMETA Registered, and Yoga Alliance Registered.

Willheemena Isabela Monroe, Somatic specialist and Eastwest Somatics Trainer in Auckland New Zealand, also a performer with experience in Butoh. ISMETA Registered.

Kay Nelson, Somatic Specialist, ISMETA Registered, and a trainer for Eastwest Somatics in St. George, Utah. Eastwest Somatics Administrative Assistant.

Amber McLennan, Yoga, Dance, and Somatics, lives in Aucland New Zealand. Shin Somatics Teacher.

Catherine Schaeffer
MFA, president of Eastwest Somatic Network: www.eastwestsomatics.net - dance performance and somatics, therapeutic applications of somatics. Eastwest Certification and ISMETA Registration.

Sri van der Kroef
MFA, somatics, dance, and the visual arts. Eastwest Certification and ISMETA Certification. Teacher/Trainer for Eastwest in Santa Barbara, CA.
Elena Shalaev
Dance and somatics specialist, tango therapy. Eastwest Certification and ISMETA Registration .
Jaclyn Moynahan
Dance and somatics specialist. Eastwest Certification. ISMETA Registration.
Alycia Bright Holland
MFA, specialization in somatics and dance performance, African dance studies. Eastwest Certification
Ashley Meeder
Dance and somatic movement therapy, video dance. Eastwest Certification. ISMETA Registration
Karen Smith
MFA, dance and somatics, pedagogy of somatics. Teacher/Trainer for Eastwest in the UK. Eastwest Certification and ISMETA Registration.
Michelle Ikle
MFA, specialization in somatics for enhancement of performance and somatics in the classroom. Eastwest Certification.
Deneen Rhodes
MA, MFA with additional study in health and wellness, also a certified Dynamic Walking Instructor. Eastwest Certification.
Kelly Ferris
MFA, RSMT, Specializaion in somatic movement therapy and dance, Dance Faculty, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg. Eastwest certification trainer at the University of Memphis. ISMETA Registration.
Nancy Pigno
MA with specialization in dance and somatic movement education for children. Eastwest Certification. ISMETA Registration.
Kista Tucker
MA, MFA, CMA (Certified Movement Analyst), specialization in movement analysis and somatics. Eastwest Certification. ISMETA Registration.
Karen Martino
MA, specialization in dance and somatics, additional study in African Dance and Culture. Eastwest Certification.
Natasa Trifan
MA, specialization in somatics, additional study of dance and somatics in Eastern Europe. Eastwest Certification
Michael Nolan
MFA, specialization in dance science and somatics, university teacher, coaching dancers and injury prevention. Eastwest Certification.
Kim Sifter
Specialization in children's dance and somatics, performer, dance instructor
Caroline Williamson
Somatics and visual arts, Eastwest Certification and ISMETA Registration
Deanna Anderson
African arts and dance, performer and dance educator
Karen Tegan
Somatics specialist, arts for children. Eastwest Certification and ISMETA Registration.
Lani Weissbach
Dance and somatics, Butoh specalization. Educator and therapist. Eastwest Certification and ISMETA Registration
Nancy Peters
Somatics and Occupational Therapy. Eastwest Certification. ISMETA Registration.
Peggy LaCour
Somatics and Social Work, dance specialization. Eastwest Certification
Lisa Stendardo
MFA, dance educator, specialization in dance science and somatics.
Robert Bingham
MFA, specialization in performance and choreography, certified yoga teacher. Eastwest Certification. First president of ESN, Eastwest Somatics Network.
Jeanne Schul
MA, specialization in dance and Jungian Dreamwork, Associate Professor of Dance, Berry College in Georgia. ISMETA Registration.
Dorothy Kristin Hannah
Feldenkrais®, pain specialist, Artistic Director Arodasi Dance Company in Shreveport LA. Eastwest Certification. ISMETA Registration.
Akiko Kishida
Dance Science and Somatics specialist in Tokyo, Japan. Eastwest Certification, ISMETA Registration.
Michiko Terada
Specialization in dance and somatic movement therapy in Tokyo Japan. Eastwest Certification, ISMETA REgistration.
Tamah Nakamura
Somatics and dance specialist. Women's studies. Eastwest Certification and ISMETA Registration.
Clara Reyes
Afro-Carribean dance specialist and somatic movement therapy, St. Martens in the Carribean
Stacy Shane
Dance and somatics specialist. Eastwest Certification.
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